In addition to publishing editions for selected artists, Fleur De Boom! Editions also offers expertise in the following services.

Custom Silkscreen Printing

Transparency Film Printing

Screen Exposure


Fleur De Boom! Editions can fulfill your printing needs from design to a finished print edition ready for numbering and signing.

Fully opaque films are crucial to achieving sharp and properly exposed silkscreen stencils. Our Epson roll printer and RIP software can handle films up to 42″ wide for your oversized-printing needs—competitively priced at $1.50 per linear inch.

Harnessing the power of the sun allows us to expose screens of any size. Energy efficient and reliable—solar exposure gives us the flexibility to provide you with sharp, fully-exposed silkscreen stencils.

Master Printer Clovis Blackwell brings a decade of teaching experience to all levels, offering workshops tailored to your individual or group needs. Invite him to your space, or join him in his Pasadena, CA, studio for a unique experience.

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